Unlearning Failure

Mar 28, 2022

You are failing. Drowning in a sea of activity.

Don't get mad. I'm just confirming what you already know.

Failure is something you learned to do. So Unlearn it.

Have you ever seen someone drowning? Arms flailing to stay above water. Sinking.

Failing sucks. Failing is just failure to learn what works. Too simple?

First — just admit what you are doing isn't working. Repent. If you can't admit it, nothing will change.

100% of the time, good people who are failing confuse these three ingredients.

#1 - Vision vs. Fantasy: Winners understand vision. They have clearly defined goals, a detailed plan, and a timetable for getting things done. Everything else is fantasy.

#2 - Diligence vs. Trying: Winners are diligent. They GSD. Get S -- T Done. They don't try, they get it done.

#3 - Perseverance vs. Quitting: Winners never quit, they just learn what works. They figure out what they don't know and learn it.

If you are a learner, you can learn Vision, Diligence and Perseverance.

The first step. Admit what you are doing isn't working.

When I find myself failing, I go to God. Why? He knows what I'm doing wrong.

- I call out to Him for insight.
- I cry aloud for understanding.
- I look for it as for silver.
- I search for it like hidden treasure.

Vision, Diligence and Perseverance comes through Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge.

It's learnable. It comes from God.

Too proud for God's help? We have a name for that.

- Gerald

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