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Under Attack? What's Your Battle Plan?

Mar 03, 2022

Someone you know is in the hospital dying.

You’re asked to pray for them.

How do you pray?

If you’re in the hospital on your deathbed, you don’t want the wrong person praying for you!

“Our most gracious heavenly father, comfort our dear brother Gerald Duran, let your will be done (even though we don’t know what the heck it is), comfort him oh Lord through his tremendous pain and suffering, guide the doctors hands, hail Mary, hail Mary … blah blah blah.”

Do me a favor, if I’m ever on my deathbed, don’t send me someone to pray for me that doesn’t know what God’s will is.

Send me a Holy Ghost Spirit-Filled Jesus-Follower, who knows how to pray the Word of God.

Send me a tongue-talking Pentecostal! HA!

Send my friend Benson Agbortogo, who knows how to cast out demons, a spirit-filled brawler from Africa, war tested, tongue talking spiritual maniac.

I want him fighting my battle with me.

Send my mild-mannered wife, a prayer-warrior, she’s battle tested.

Don’t send me someone who doesn’t have enough faith to help a flea.

Look, if it were your child on that deathbed, how would you pray.

Sometime back a pastor friend of mine ended up in the hospital with his little girl who had meningitis. It got really bad, she was in critical condition.

This pastor believed in the Holy Spirit but not so much on being filled with the Holy Spirit. He didn’t believe the gifts of the spirit were for today.

He wasn’t taught that in seminary.

He spent days in that hospital praying, crying, reading the Word, but she kept getting worse.

In his desperation He began screaming out to God reminding Him of how Jesus healed the sick and raised the dead.

He began forcefully speaking the Word of God over that little girl. He began commanding that sickness to obey the Word of God, and leave his daughter. 

Months later after his little girl was healed and fully recovered, he shared all this with me.

>> Let's get back to how to pray.

First, take some time and see what the Word of God says about your circumstances. The Word of God is His will.

- Ask yourself, what would Jesus do?
- Ask yourself, what would His disciples do?
- Then do that.

You don’t have to wonder what God’s will is. The Word is His will.

When you pray, speak the Word. 

God’s Word has power.

Psalm 101:3 says God heals ALL of your diseases.

Mark 11:22-24 says to speak to your mountain of trouble, tell it where to go. Politeness not required! It says WHATEVER you ask for in prayer, to believe that you have received it.

John 14:13-14 — Ditto
John 15:7-8 — Ditto
John 15:16 — Ditto
John 16:24 — Ditto

>> All through the Word of God — Ditto, Ditto Ditto!

Whatever you are going through ... finances, job, business, relationships, health — WHATEVER.

Decide if you want God’s help. If don’t, you’re on your own.

If you do, see what His Word says about your situation. 

Then believe it, pray it and speak it.  Ditto, Ditto Ditto!

God will do the rest. That's the battle plan.


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