There's a battle going on in your mind ...

Jun 21, 2022

There's a battle going on in your mind ...

- it's for the control of your thoughts
- and the winner takes all

Whether you know it or not, your thought-life frames your future.

What you allow in your mind, will transform your heart, and begin coming out of your mouth.

Your tongue is your rudder, but it all starts with your thoughts.

Every battle starts with your circumstances.

- The enemy plants a thought of DOUBT.
- This innocent seeming doubt thought soon advances into FEAR.
- And the repetitive fear thoughts cause you to WORRY.
- When you worry, you eventually become DISCOURAGED.
- Discouraged people lose hope and become DEPRESSED.
- Depression is the superhighway to FAILURE.

>> The enemy wins. He steals your faith. He steals your dreams.


- Invest time with God, studying His Word, He develops your FAITH.
- When you have faith, you trust God with full EXPECTATION.
- When you expect God to honor His Word, you experience PEACE.
- With the God's peace, you will develop the DESIRE to take territory.
- This desire creates the PERSEVERANCE to never quit.
- Godly perseverance is the superhighway to biblical SUCCESS.

Doubt leads to failure.
Faith leads to success.

Don't tolerated the fake news lies from the enemy. He's a liar. He never tells the truth.

Jesus came to destroy the works of the enemy.

When we understand His perfect love for us, along with His amazing purpose and plans for our lives, the power and authority to succeed and fulfill God assignments, THERE IS NO FEAR.

Friends, no weapon formed against you should ever prosper.


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