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There are two types of Faith Driven Entrepreneurs.

Nov 21, 2022

There are two types of Faith Driven Entrepreneurs.

And it's easy to tell them apart.

- Low Faith
- And High Faith

Their actions give them away.

Their actions will always ignore their "said" faith, and mirror their "real" faith.

Remember, an apple tree doesn't produce figs. It always produces fruit of the same kind.

I'm not questioning their belief in God. That's actually a low bar, because even the demons believe in God.

Let's get personal.

What gives you away — how you respond to scripture.

Your actions don't match what you say you believe.

Take a look at ...

- How you respond to trouble
- How you respond to God's calling
- How you create a vision
- How you prioritize it
- How you plan it
- How your execute it
- How you love yourself, which will determine how you love others.

The problem isn't that your actions don't match your faith. The problem is that it does.

Without the faith that can move mountains, you'll be working yourself to death, in a constant state of trying to get lucky.

Look, climbing the entrepreneurial mountain is impossible with low-faith. The mountain will take you out.

You won't see prosperity when it's right in front of you, hidden in plain sight.

It's takes a commitment-to-growth ... to become an effective Faith Driven Entrepreneur.

Let your actions mirror the promises of the Word.

Faith without action might get you into heaven, but you won't be very effective here on earth.

Allow me to declare this (by my faith) over you: Let your faith and actions mirror the Word of God.

Let your fruit produce orchards of results. A harvest of multiplication.

I have a high-faith for you. How? I can already see you in your destiny, who God created you to be.


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