There are two gospels in Christianity.

Aug 22, 2023

There are two gospels in Christianity.

- Low-expectation gospel
- High-expectation gospel

The one who hears the Word of God and believes, and then takes action that mirrors his belief, builds a solid foundation that will withstand every life-storm. This is high-expectation faith.

The one who doesn’t will be wiped out when the storms come. This is low-expectation wishful thinking. Not faith.

Why is this important?

Well besides the obvious, God gives us assignments knowing full well we lack the earthly resources or natural ability to do what He says.

By our faith, He gives us full access to all heavenly resources. That is Christ’s power and authority to do everything He asks of us.

- So if He commands you to feed 5000. Do it.
- Or build a 100M business. Do it.
- Or to disciple people and nations. Do it.

You now have the supernatural power and authority to complete your calling. Dump your false-humility and excuses, do it.

All that is required of you is high-expectation faith. The faith that believes, that whatever you ask according to scripture, is yours the very moment you release your faith and declare it.

The theology of God’s written Word will demolish EVERY man-made theology, even those created by the dead cessationist theologians.

God is alive. The Word in you is alive. Speak it and transform your future. When you do, you’ll transform your future and the world.


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