There are three types of Business Owners/Founders ...

Jun 07, 2022

Guess how many people loathe their jobs?

- they are seeking a purpose-driven calling
- they are seeking to become entrepreneurs ... 👇


- 80% of the global workforce loathe their jobs
- 70% are seeking to discover their purpose or calling
- 70% want to become entrepreneurs

The number of new business owners has grown by over 100% since the beginning of the covid.

There are three types of Business Owners/Founders:

- Solopreneur
- Entrepreneurs
- Wannapreneurs

The main difference between the solopreneur and the entrepreneur is usually revenue.

Many founders begin solo, but as revenue nears 1M in revenue, most begin building a team.

>> Now let’s talk about WANNAPRENEURS ...

- They have business ideas, yet there’s a failure to launch.

- They are aspiring entrepreneurs whose ideas never transpire.

- Many start the planning, but they never seem to launch.

- Some are afraid to take the risk.

- Some are afraid to fail.

- Some are waiting for some magic money to appear.

- Some are in love with the image or idea of calling themselves founders or entrepreneurs — only they’re not.

- They are chasing a fantasy, not a real entrepreneurial dream.

- Most don’t have the vision or diligence to successfully climb the entrepreneurial mountain.

- Many started and then stopped or quit when their bad ideas didn’t work out.

If you are a wannapreneur I wanted to make you a little mad.

I wanted to get your attention, but not to condemn you.

To encourage you to STOP! Stop being a wannapreneur.

Is this a rebuke? Yes.

I want to eradicate the thinking that’s causing you to quit before you even get started.

I know what it’s like to fail, to fall off the horse. But I also know how to get back on it.

Don’t throw in the towel on your ideas, use it to wipe off your face and start climbing the entrepreneurial mountain again.

Do it with God ... He already has THE plan.

#1 - Develop your faith to go after God-planted dreams.

#2 - Discover you calling. His plan for you right now.

#3 - Get equipped with a full-stack set of entrepreneurial skills. Be built for digital customer acquisition.

Whatever you do, stop only aspiring and start climbing the entrepreneurial mountain.

Dream it, yes! But also — do it.


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