The Year of Entrepreneurial Freedom

Mar 29, 2022

Welcome to the year of entrepreneurial freedom.

- After two years of surrendering your freedoms to the blue-stack
- The 9-5 grind in Woke Big-Tech, Biz, Gov, Media, Arts and Edu

A Massive Exodus Is Unfolding ... for the freedom to enjoy life again.

Millions are reconnecting the dots between faith, purpose, freedom and entrepreneurship.

They thought they were on the safety of a gigantic cruise ship, but it turned out the be the Titanic.

A divided workplace run by out-of-touch elites who wish to control what you think, say and do.

Even for liberals — embracing freedom is no more.

So they are leaving their Woke Elite Bosses Behind for a smaller, free-thinking, nimbler entrepreneurial speedboats.

- many have joined the ranks of the solopreneur
- some have scaled into small business CEOs
- and tons have flocked to join small business teams

But make no mistake, all have entrepreneurial blood flowing through their veins.

People are gathering and creating something that matters ... together.

They are co-creating.

Millions have created the space to include God, to co-create with Him. They know they were created with a God-planted purpose. To do something that matters.

Something that will provide abundantly for their families, teams, and customers.

Something for good.

What a great time to create together.

Be awakened into your marketplace calling.


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