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The Sting of Rejection

Jan 24, 2023

OH ... I can remember reaching out to Super-Successful Christians for mentorship — who wouldn't give me the time of day. That feeling of rejection still stings.

Do you know how I've grown so close to Jesus?

For so many years He was the only one who would take my call. Ha!

As a young entrepreneur I've always looked for mentorship from those who had achieved great success. I wanted to learn how they did it.

I couldn't go to my earthly father because he was a drunk.

So many times I'd reach out to Successful Pastors or Christian CEOs to grab a coffee or buy them lunch, only to be rejected.

Too busy or too important to make time.

I came from a poor family so we didn't have any clout or connections.

So I decided back then I would always make time for others ... to share what I've learned on my entrepreneurial mountain-climb over the past 38 years.

No matter what level of success you're at, there's always someone who would be thrilled to meet you, and learn from you.

Make a conscious effort to ...

- Make time for others.
- Don't be so stingy with your time. (people need more than 15 mins)
- You're not that important.

If you'll set aside a few hours a week to help others, watch how God multiplies what your hands touch.

Be nice. And be generous.


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