The secret to starting a business that actually makes money?

Mar 23, 2024

The secret to starting a business that actually makes money?

A 6-step playbook & roadmap.

If you've struggled to take your business idea to the market and actually make money, you're not alone.

Many new entrepreneurs rely on a variety startup recipes, a little of this and a little of that,  a hodgepodge of DIY things to do — only to end up totally winging it.

The result is a product/service that nobody wants to buy.

The consequences of winging it?

- No money
- Wasting your cash reserves
- Low confidence
- Frustration
- Years of floundering 

It's a recipe for disaster.

When I started my first business the same thing happened to me. For one year I made no money. I wasted my savings, maxed out my credit cards and took on a second job just to scrape by. 

Talk about stressed out and frustrated.

I asked God for three things.

#1 - To take away my doubt, fear and worry and replace it with His peace.

#2 - To show me my purpose in life.

#3 - To give me a playbook and roadmap to go-to-market and actually make money.

He did. It took me 30-days to put it in place and start making money — lots of it. That year my life changed forever.

That was 40 years ago.

It's not a recipe, it's more of a prescription. Today we call it a RevOps Playbook, back then it was just our marketing and sales formula.

I've been following this playbook for 40+ years. This Thursday at our Church for Entrepreneurs zoom call at 10a MST (same as PST), I'll teach the 6-step playbook and roadmap.

You'll discover how to:

- Remove the personal barriers holding you back

- Build a business/revenue plan for product market fit

- Create a brand around the actual problem you are solving

- Understand your customers' preferred buyer journey

- How to drive motivated traffic to your website

- Convert that traffic into leads

- Convert your leads into paying customers

In essence, you'll stop selling and start solving.

It's a full-stack playbook and roadmap you can learn and implement in weeks. During our zoom call, I'll be teaching and fielding questions around your business challenges, and provide you with a path to making money.

Go to our website for an invite. Bring your problems. The solutions are on us!

See you Thursday.


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