The Secret Sauce of the Outperformer

Mar 30, 2022

Have you ever met an outperformer, someone who seems to surpass everyone else in terms of success and sustainability?

They make the best entrepreneurs. Only 5% think like they do. What’s their secret?

They can experience failures, setbacks, and whatever else life seems to throw their way, but they will always bounce back, each time a little stronger than before.

- They can take a licking and keep on ticking.

- They understand life is full of seasons, and every season eventually comes to an end.

- They understand the landscape is always changing, so they change or get left behind.

- They don't just survive; they thrive. It’s a mentality ... a way of thinking.

What’s their secret? Outperformers are continuous learners.

They adapt and reinvent. They stay relevant by learning new things.

They don’t waste their time trying to fix symptoms; instead, they focus on solutions to problems.

For instance, if your business needs to produce 5M to reach your goals, but you're only generating 2M, the reason you're not producing the 5M is — you don’t know-how.

If you knew how, you’d have the 5M, right?

The Problem: Lack of Knowledge
The Symptom: Lack of Revenue

The continuous learner would do whatever was required to gain the knowledge to produce more revenue.

Continuous learners are comfortable in their own skin.

They are humble, grateful, and confident.

To them, a lack of knowledge is an opportunity to grow.

They don’t make excuses, blame their circumstances, their clients, their team, or the economy.

While these might be actual challenges, continuous learners refuse to be the victims of circumstances.

The opposite of the learning heart is the stubborn heart. Those who have a stubborn heart have all the excuses and reasons to fail.

Nothing’s their fault. Pride and ego hold them back. They focus on all the reasons why something can’t be done. They are angry and defend their failures instead of learning from them.

Successful people who have reached the proverbial mountaintop realize they are standing on mountains of mistakes converted into learned success.

They are continuous learners who have gained the know-how to succeed.

Become a continuous learner, then outperform.

- Gerald

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