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The power of HUNGER.

Jan 30, 2023

My childhood struggles fueled my drive for success as an entrepreneur.

It's a drive that runs deep within me and it's something that I carry with me every day.

Growing up, I faced many challenges, one of which was being hungry.

- Sometimes for food.
- Other times just to escape poverty.

Despite the difficulties, I never let that feeling of hunger defeat me. Instead, I used it as fuel to push me forward and strive for better things.

Now, as an entrepreneur, that same hunger that I felt as a child is what drives me to succeed in all that I do.

It's what motivates me to work harder, smarter and to never give up on my dreams. The struggles I faced growing up taught me the importance of resilience, determination and the value of hard work.

And, I'm grateful for the lessons it taught me, that helped me to become the person I am today.

I am determined to create a better future for myself and for others, and I know that my hunger for success will help me to achieve that.

What drives you from your childhood?


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