The opportunity is right in front of you.

Dec 06, 2023

If you are a Christian entrepreneur, it's important to understand the signs of the times, and the opportunity right in front of you. 

Only then will the door before you open.

If you hadn't noticed, the world is experiencing a great shaking. The Church (body of Christ) began to pay attention at the onset of covid. We are in a war between good and evil. Between lies and truth. 

#1 - The Great Shaking: God has called our attention through this great economic shaking because we have focused on building our careers and home-life instead of building His Kingdom. 

#2 - The Great Awakening: With all the chaos in the world, our governments along with their kissing cousins big biz, tech, media, education and entertainment have evolved into cultural tyrants. If this has hit you in the pocketbook, God now has your attention.

#3 - The Great Repentance: Millions and millions of believers are beginning to rise up, God must now come first. 

#4 - The Great Revival: Revival is breaking out in the marketplace, the workforce suddenly have eyes to see — which are only opened through faith.

#5 - The Great Reformation: These powerful globalist firms (Vanguard, BlackRock, Blackstone and State Street) collectively control a staggering $22 trillion in assets, equivalent to the entire GDP of the United States. They are the activist behind CSR, ESG and DEI in the workplace. Cultural marxism.

But He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world. 

Christian small business can shape the world in ways that big business can't. It's We-The-People vs Modern-Day Tyrants of Babylon. Good vs evil. Curse vs blessing.

#6 - The Great Transformation: If you are a Christian, you have God inside you. We are who will transform darkness into light. How? We bring the Kingdom into everyplace we go. 

Transformation is coming. I believe the small businesses of the world have an opportunity to transform it. It's why we are equipping a new breed of Kingdom-Minded entrepreneurs who are full of the Holy Spirit and filled with Faith

We're unleashing the resources of God, at scale. What resources? The authority in the Name of Jesus.

Can you see why Jesus chose entrepreneurs as His first disciples? 


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