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The entrepreneurial mountain climb is treacherous.

Jun 03, 2022

The entrepreneurial mountain climb is treacherous.

- take the wrong path and you are doomed
- 90% are on a path that leads to nowhere

Yup. The journey is deadly. Along the way you'll meet defeated dreamchasers who have given up, run out of runway, or pronounced dead by the mountain.

Dead-dreams are littered everywhere.

The reality is that between the dream and the destiny is a journey comprised by a matrix of paths.

You have two choices every day.

#1 - Based on the changing landscape, your circumstances, your sight, and your gut feelings — you pick a path to follow each day. You get closer or further away from the destination depending on your ability to navigate by sight.

#2 - If you are a Christ-Follower, God has already carefully mapped out the perfect path for the day. But it is hidden in plain sight. Without His light, you'll miss the path. It's invisible and impossible to walk by sight. You'll need His light.

If you are an entrepreneur who aspires to be driven by faith, purpose, freedom and the Kingdom of God ... you'll have to learn how to connect the dots between faith, purpose, business and success.

To be equipped to co-create with God, focus on your development in these three areas ...

>> Faith: You'll have to develop the faith to go after the God-Planted assignments. To walk by faith, not sight.

>> Purpose: You'll have to come to understand God's specific plan, purpose, seasons and assignments for you. He has the plan. His Plan must become My Plan.

>> Full-Stack: You must develop the complete set of entrepreneurial skills, front-end to back-end, to lead your venture into success. Think digital.

This is the success trifecta. How can you develop these three critical areas?

Meet with God EVERY morning. He's the boss and teacher. Seek out His instructions. He already prepared a way, a perfect path, but invisible without His light.

Every morning He will fill you full of joy and peace for the day's journey.

- Expect trouble. Avoid some. Endure some.
- Expect deliverance always.

Then grab His hand and let Him lead you.

- Gerald

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