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The Blueprint to 10M in New Revenue.

Apr 20, 2023

Here’s how we add 10M in fresh sales revenue to every portfolio company, inside our venture studio for faith-driven founders.

Here’s the blueprint.

First we divide their target audience (segments) into three groups by annual sales potential.


- Small - 100k
- Medium - 200k
- Large - 300k

Second, we establish our sales win-rate goal. Let’s say 40%.

Then we establish the number of sales meetings required per month to hit 10M in annual sales (targeting medium sized accounts).

- We need to set 10 sales meetings a month
- With medium sized segments (200k)
- Sell 40%
- To onboard 50 new accounts

This is the math behind the roadmap to 10M.

Then we create a RevOps blueprint divided into 3 strategies:

#1 Demand Generation: A top-of-funnel traffic strategy to drive awareness, influence and education, all through purpose-driven content.

#2 Lead Generation: A bottom-of-funnel strategy to convert the traffic into leads.

#3 Sales Pipeline: A sales pipeline strategy where we convert leads into sales meetings, and sales meetings into customers.

That's the blueprint.

How about to 20M. Rinse Repeat.

Revenue generation is a science driven by math.


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