Struggling to get in front of the right investors?

Feb 15, 2024

Struggling to get in front of the right investors?

Your pitch starts with the content you post on LinkedIn or X every single day.

Oh, you aren't posting content on LinkedIn? 

Well, that explains the reason behind the struggle.

The perfect pitch isn't about what happens on the investor call, it's what happen long before the call — on social media.

If you think your future investors are on LinkedIn and X (twitter), then you should be putting your story out there everyday.

Just like you would have a demand-generation strategy as part of your RevOps playbook for customer acquisition, you should be doing the same for investor acquisition.

Oh, you don't have a RevOps playbook? Better not let the investors find out.

So if you aren't already doing this, you should be learning to learn how.

I post a min of 1x a day. I target investors and entrepreneurs and write about faith, calling, rev-ops and investor readiness. My posts generate 20,000 monthly visits to our website.

DUDE (dudettes too), that's only 1 post a day for 20,000 visits a month. Totally worth it!

I invest an hour a day on LinkedIn posting and commenting on other influencer's posts that I know attract other investors and entrepreneurs.

And BTW, we talk about all this at CG's weekly Church for Entrepreneurs, and teach it all inside CG's Elevate Incubator.

So if you don't know how, just be willing to learn how.


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