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Still Making Cold Calls?

Mar 16, 2022

B2B cold calls have been pronounced outdated, broken and dead.
Mostly by modern b2b sales teams who hate making cold calls.

Yet, many small business CEOs completely disagree.
Are b2b cold calls really obsolete?

First, this is the wrong question to be asking.

But it's a question often asked by b2b solopreneurs and small business sales teams.

In b2b sales, what happens before a customer makes a purchase?


These conversations can be through social media, email, phone calls, zoom calls, and less and less ... in-person.

The question is how many conversations do you need to have to land a new account, or make a sale from a current customer?

It depends on your conversion(s) close rate?

The real question is how will you land these conversations?

>> How doesn't really matter as long as you get them.

However, there is a new breed of sales teams being developed, who are trained to think like full-stack entrepreneurs.

Why? Because digital has changed everything in sales and marketing.

The strategy, methods, tools and tactics that got you to where you are — won't take you to where you want to go.

Like it or not, the modern buyer journey has radically changed how people make decisions.

The bridge to your future is deploying an entrepreneurial team who own a full-stack set of skills made for digital customer acquisition.

#1 - To drive awareness

#2 - To create conversations

#3 - To earn trust

#4 - To convert conversations into customers

From Click to Lead ... To Click to Conversation

A hybrid lead might be a connect or follow attached to your team member's personal LinkedIn profile.

It's intentional. 

When leveraged, it generates conversations with future customers.

Teams must be intuitive and proactive about the buyer's next-steps to purchase.

Why? Because buyer journey is now established by digital content that drive buyer decisions.

How and why? Because 80 percent of buyer journey is 100 percent online.

Whoever owns this space, WINS.

And if you're not full-stack, quit complaining and make your calls.


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