Startup Founders are always limited by their capacity to receive.

Nov 18, 2022

Startup Founders are always limited by their capacity to receive.

Go big or go home.

If you are a Faith-Driven Entrepreneur, the one who will invest in you and your venture is God.

Though He works through man, He is your source. Always.

- For Funding
- For Revenue/Profit

It doesn't have to be a either/or.
It can be both/and.

But you control how much — by your capacity to receive.

Your capacity is your readiness to receive. Some of you have a big ask, but lack being in a stage of investor (God) readiness.

Your dreams are big, but your capacity is way too small.

You'll need to super-size your capacity in these four areas:

#1 - FAITH: Develop the faith that moves mountains. Without it, adversity will wipe you out.

#2 - CALLING: Understand the calling on you and your venture. If this is God's mission, know the assignment and His objectives. They're different than yours.

#3 - PLAYBOOK: Create a revenue performance playbook. You must have a robust marketing and sales system in place. Now, not later.

#4 - READINESS: Enter into a state of investor readiness. Understand the requirements and meet them.

This is capacity. Go big or go home.

Keep in mind God's requirements are different than mans. Yet God works through man.

So look, being a startup founder is harder than most think. We are up against a failure rate of nearly 90%.

If you will increase your capacity to grow, your God will fill your container abundantly. Go big. Barns not cups.

The problem is not with God's ability to supply. The problem is you haven't created the capacity to receive.

Increase it. Let's do it together.


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