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Sometimes my plans totally bomb.

Sep 05, 2023

Sometimes my plans totally bomb.

My annual CEO conference in Las Vegas is always a sell out. 100% full at $1495 a seat.

But I grew tired of bringing the whole crew out to Las Vegas and we decided to host it locally at the Ritz Carlton.

But as it turns out, my home turf is no Las Vegas.

A few days before the event, only 1 group had signed up. BOMB!

They had made their plans, booked the flights and hotels.

Cancel right?

I was totally stressed out. I asked God what to do. He gave me this idea.

Instead of renting the ballroom, I rented out the presidential suite fully catered.

When my guest arrived, they immediately saw a sign welcoming their company to the hotel. The front desk sent them to this palatial suite.

When they arrived, I welcomed them, told them what happened, but they could see I spared no expense.

We then spent the full day in a strategy session.

They were absolutely thrilled. I overheard the CEO on the balcony calling his wife, bragging about the experience.

What I didn’t know was that their sales had been at $175k a month (2.1M) before they experienced a downturn to $80k a month. The CEO had just laid off half of his team before heading out to meet us. He had been praying for God to save his business.

They became part of our venture studio portfolio and that very first month, sales jumped to 300k, and then over 600k every month after that.

What seemed like a colossal bomb became a setup by God and into a long term growth partnership.

Whatever set back you are experiencing, it’s a total setup for God’s unmerited favor.

Trust Him, His plans NEVER fail.


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