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Oct 10, 2022

Venture Fund. Venture Studio. Church?

- how do the three of these fit together?
- better than you'd think ...

Venture Fund - Kingdom capital for Kingdom causes
Venture Studio - Mentorship or AKA discipleship.
Church - Ekklesia authorized to redeem the world.

Jesus paid the price to redeem people and nations. According to Luke 10:19, we have the power and authority to do this very thing.

If we are to disciple people and nations, we'd better start with the heart beat of both, the marketplace.

What most people miss about the new testament church was that they were mostly entrepreneurs. They worked out of their homes just like we do today.

>> Jesus told them they would do even greater things than Him.

They were empowered to destroy works of evil. And they did.
They were anointed for business. They co-created with God.

God makes the trees - they made the chairs.
God makes the wheat - they made the cakes.

Think about the fishing multiplication miracles.
Think about the Cana wedding miracle — water into wine.

They had this same power and authority. Look how they used it in Acts chapters 2 and 4. They mobilized Kingdom capital for the Kingdom of God.

Can you see it?

Look, if I'm not doing something that is game-changing, I'm not interested in doing it.

Let's find a match between your God-given talents and the world's problems.

Let's rethink how we empower startups and their founders.

Let's reconnect the dots between business, purpose, success and faith. How?

By being driven by faith, purpose, freedom and the Kingdom of God.


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