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Sheep Nations, Goat Nations, and a New World Order

Jun 01, 2022

Sheep Nations, Goat Nations, and a New World Order

- The WEF is driving globalism ... a new world order
- But the people who drive the 7M determine sheep vs goat nations

FYI — Entrepreneurs drive the 7M (7 Marketplace Mountains).

Sheep Nation - a nation under God

Goat Nation - a nation who thinks their government is God and persecutes Christians and Israel.

A new world order is arising ... they are pushing a great reset ... a new way forward. A Godless path. 100% secular.

The World Economic Forum and Davos are pushing this radical reset. They no longer hide their agenda. Many local and world leaders, BIG tech, business, media, politics — the Blue-Stack are aligned together.

In the last 2 years they have become overt in their determination to reach their radical agenda goals.

BUT ...

God is in control. And His Church (Body of Christ) is awakening all throughout the world.

God is raising up an army of activist entrepreneurs who are driven by:

- faith in God
- faith in an infallible Bible
- God's specific plan and purpose for their lives ... the assignment
- freedom that comes directly from God
- entrepreneurial power to transform the 7M with the Kingdom of God

If you are a Christ-Follower, we're not on a cruise ship, but rather a battleship.

The 7 Mountains that drive cities and nations:

1. Business/Tech
2. Government
3. Politics
4. Health & Science
5. Education
6. People/Ekklesia (body of Christ)
7. Media/Arts/Entertainment

These 7 marketplace mountains are the heartbeat of every city and nation.

The Church has allowed each mountain to become secular (Godless).

And when cultures become Godless, there is no peace ... only lawlessness, division, evil running rampant, and famine.

Sound familiar?

BUT ...

- God has a masterplan
- He has a specific role for each one of us (His Plan and Purpose)

Our job is to bring the Kingdom of God into the 7 mountains and/or build parallel mountains.

Your job is to be equipped for your specific assignment ... purpose.

1. Develop the faith to go after the God-Planted Callings inside you

2. Understand God's plan and purpose for your life .. your calling

3. Get equipped to succeed in your entrepreneurial calling.

Despite the chaos in the world, rest in God's peace.

In His presence, you will find the peace needed to discover clarity and direction.


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