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May 18, 2024

The best way to understand God's Word is to read it 

The best way to know God, is to read His Word for yourself. 

The worst and most popular way is to allow someone else to read it for you — and then tell you what it means, and what to believe

Can you imagine a relationship like that? If you always went through a middleman? If you want truth, you have to seek after it for yourself. Otherwise you'll find yourself following opinions of man. 

Be a follower of Jesus Christ 
Not a follower of some religious-group or pastor so-and-so

Some faith facts:  

- less than 15% of Christians read their Bibles on a regular basis 
- less than 6% have a Biblical worldview. 

Those with a biblical worldview see culture through the lens of scripture

Those without, see the Bible through the lens of culture. As culture changes, so does their view of the Bible. They're wishy-washy. They can't tell $hit from shinola. Ha! 😜  

60% of pastors believe in the Bible, but they don't believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God. Many are of some of the most popular pastors in America. Woke Christianity has been birthed out of this group. 

Why should this matter to a faith-driven founder? 

Well, because the Bible contains over 6000+ promises for today. They're yours through faith and obedience (not perfection). 

Trust me, you're going to need them if you want to prosper. So you better start learning what they are

Just sayin. 


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