Praying for God to do something for you?

Aug 20, 2023

To those of you praying for God to do something for you.

Everything God is ever going to do for you has already been done.

What? Doesn’t God see your need?

Yes He does. So let me say it again. Everything God is ever going to do for you has already been done. It has been finished through His blood. Everything is now possible through His Word.

God is not moved into action by your need. He is moved into action by your faith. Not hope. Big difference.

This is faith … (Mark 11:24)

- Whatever things you ask for in prayer

- In accordance with God’s will (God’s Word is His Will)

- Believe with confident trust that you have received them

- And they will be given to you.

See, you have to believe you’ve received your answer before you get it.

Jesus is saying, you have to believe it first; then you’ll have it.

Do you know what this means?

You can have the desires of your heart, as long as your desires are aligned with His Word.

So, WHATEVER THINGS you ask for in prayer.

This has been a game-changer as a faith-driven spirit-filled follower of Jesus Christ.

At once, everything became possible for me.

What’s the agenda of this post? I’m out to change what you think so you can change what you do.

I’m mobilizing an army of Kingdom investors and entrepreneurs full of power and authority to destroy works of evil and transform people and nations with the Kingdom of God.

Go ye and make disciples of people and nations.

Wishful thinking won’t get this done. Only faith-driven spirit-filled followers of Jesus Christ.

Today I plead the blood of Jesus over you.

Go ye!


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