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Over 12,000 new investors and founders every month!

Mar 31, 2023

This one Demand Generation tactic should be a part of every Founder’s RevOps Playbook.

It delivers over 12,000 new investors and founders to our website every month.

Eleven months ago I started writing content for LinkedIn 1x a day.

I write about:

- Faith
- Purpose
- RevOps
- Investor Readiness

I write to faith-driven:

- Solopreneurs
- SME Founder/CEOs
- Venture-backed Startup Founders
- Investors

The goal was to add a top-of-funnel demand-gen strategy to drive more traffic to our website.

We went from almost ZERO traffic (from Linkedin) to over 12,000 new investors and founders every month.

Creating content around the 7 stages of the buyer journey (for LinkedIn) is just one component of our RevOps strategy.

I invest 1 hour a day on LinkedIn.

I love it when a plan works.


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