Open the eyes of your heart.

Nov 12, 2022

Intellectual (yet idiot).

Perhaps this describes someone you know.

Hopefully not you.

This condition describes many in politics, government, media and business.

It also describes many who are believers (yet blind).

This is the condition of rejecting the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Though the Holy Spirit lives within them, they reject Him.

Oh, they'll acknowledge His presence, but they don't know Him.

- they can tell you about God
- they can tell you about Jesus
- but they can't tell you WHO the Holy Spirit is

In their blindness, they lack discernment about most things spiritual, political and even entrepreneurial.

What has happened?

The gods of this age have blinded their minds. They are confused about life, their purpose, and their future.

While God is shining the light, their eyes are closed.

Discernment is available to any believer who will ask God. But the teacher is the Holy Spirit. Take your limits off who the Holy Sprit is and what He does. Let Him out of the box you have put Him in.

Open the eyes of your heart.

The Kingdom of God isn't about earning and deserving.

It's about believing and receiving.

Stop googling what to believe, looking for man's opinions.

Do you want discernment?

Spend time every morning meeting with God. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you through the scriptures.

He, who knows everything, has promised to teach you all things.

As a Kingdom entrepreneur, this is our unfair advantage.


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