One of the greatest entrepreneurial lessons I've ever learned.

Jun 17, 2022

One of the greatest entrepreneurial lessons I've ever learned over the past 37 years of launching and growing ventures.

When it comes to marketing and sales (customer acquisition) ...

The strategies, methods, tools and tactics that brought me to where I am — won't take me to where I want to go or grow.

What worked yesterday won't necessarily work tomorrow.

Why? The digital landscape keeps changing. I can either change with it, or get left behind.

Digital has changed how buyers become aware, are influenced and get educated.

For the past 37 years, every year I have to be willing to change these two areas of my business development strategy.

#1 - How I think
#2 - What I do

- We all have a way of thinking ... good or bad
- Our present thinking drives our doing ... good or bad
- And our doing produces our results ... good or bad

Think. Do. Results.

SO what does this mean?

I must be a continuous learner >>> because it's my learning heart that creates my capacity for growth.

I like growth.

What is the #1 reason people refuse to learn new ways of doing marketing and sales.

UGLY pride.

For some odd reason, people continue to do what clearly isn't working.

What's required to learn and grow?

- Humility
- Diligence
- Perseverance
- Endurance

And a learning heart.

If you are struggling to grow your business, ADMIT what you are doing isn't working, then COMMIT to learning new ways to grow and succeed.

Don't fall in love with what isn't working for you.


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