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Not every opportunity is an assignment from God.

Dec 13, 2022

Don't walk into every open-door thinking it's from God.

I can't count how many opportunities I've passed on, because they're not from God.

When I'm on an assignment for God, a calling, stick to God's roadmap.

But I've learned this the hard way.

There have been a handful of open-doors that looked exactly like the very opportunities I'd been praying for — only they weren't from God.

The enemy was behind them masquerading as light.

In hindsight, I got unequally yolked (partnered) with the wrong people.

All of these wrong opportunities cost me lots of wasted time and money.

So if you are on a God assignment going from dream to destiny, remember, not every opportunity will lead to your destination. Avoid the shortcuts.

How can one know the difference, you'll have to be able to hear God's voice. And, make no mistake, He's ALWAYS speaking.

Let's be listening.


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