Never Ever Give Up!

Sep 06, 2022

Are you tired? The kind of sick and tired, that's sick and tired — of being sick and tired?

Let me tell you from much experience, HANG ON, you are closer to your breakthrough than you think.

Even though ...

- Things aren't working out
- Progress is too slow
- You have a lack of results
- You have feelings of failure

Folks, I mean it when I say to you ... NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

When you approach God, Be Bold with Shameless Audacity when you ask Him to answer your prayers. (Read Luke 11:1-13)

Then meditate on this biblical promise — Isaiah 40:31 AMP

- But those who wait for the Lord
- Who expect, look for, and hope in Him
- Will gain new strength
- And renew their power
- They will lift up their wings
- And rise up close to God
- Like eagles rising toward the sun
- They will run and not become weary
- They will walk and not grow tired

When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and Hang On.

Never let go of your dream!


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