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Never attempt to navigate life's storms without this!

Mar 09, 2022

Isaiah 54:17 NIV - No weapon forged against you will prevail, and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.

Entrepreneurs who crash and burn always miss this one factor.

>> It's why they nose dive during the inevitable storm of adversity.

When it hits, they lose all sense of direction — because of this👇

They lack an instrument rating. It's called the Faith Factor.

If you are a commercial pilot, you can expect a few storms. And to make it through, you'll need an instrument rating.

It means when a storm hits, you rely on your instruments despite what you see through your windshield.

- Despite how you feel about what you see.

- If not, FEAR of the storm will consume you.

- Feelings will take over and you will crash and burn.

- You will literally nose dive.

- It's explains why defeated entrepreneurs quit.

They run into an impossible situation.

What's the opposite of a fear-driven entrepreneur?

A Faith-Driven Entrepreneur.

And a faith-driven entrepreneur has learned to navigate storms by faith, not fear.

They know a God who specializes in doing the impossible. Miracles.

So they're not surprised when God allows them to be in a position to require one.

- They're not moved into fatal decisions by what they see.

- They're not moved by how they feel.

- Their eyes aren't focused on the size of their problems. Instead they are focused on the size of their God.

They have put 100% of their trust in God and His 6000 plus biblical promises.

Like Jesus, they've learned to speak to their storms.

Like a pilot, they have an instrument rating called FAITH.

The moment they see they storm, they check to see what the Word says about the storm.

They understand the power and authority Jesus exercised against storms.

Psalm 91 is standard operating procedure. Isaiah 54:17 is your assurance.

Entrepreneurs ... please hear me.

Don't wait for the storm to hit. Get your instrument rating now. Develop a relationship with Abba Father, and start developing your faith right now.

It's school time. When the tests hit. You'll pass with flying colors.

Invite Jesus into the cockpit. Never ever fly alone.

You are are the co-pilot, Jesus is the captain.

Don't make a move without checking with Him. When the storms hit, He knows how to take you to higher altitudes, way above the storms.

Higher airspeed. Less drag.

Start your training today.


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