My Visceral Aversion to Inefficiency.

Oct 17, 2022

I have a visceral aversion to inefficiency. Especially with church.

The net net — is a pagan culture.

- Like the 94% of Christ followers who lack a biblical worldview.
- And the 60% of pastors who have become woke, without a biblical worldview.

But this has led to some interesting conversations between investors and pastors about leveraging their buildings into entrepreneur zones with co-working space during the week.

If a group of venture capitalists and maverick pastors joined forces to bring the Kingdom of God into the marketplace, what would it look like?

These conversations are happening right now. It all starts with a problem, an inefficiency, only to be leveraged with a Kingdom solution.

These conversations are led by disrupters who relate more to being Ram Tough than sheep headed to slaughter.

What are you leveraging?


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