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Most entrepreneurs never make money.

Apr 22, 2024

Most entrepreneurs never make money. 

But everyone who really wants to, can.  

Every founder at some point musters up the courage to leave the 9-5 and pursue what most would call the new American dream — entrepreneurship 

It's the pursuit of freedom and prosperity to provide the best life for you and your family. 

But unlike the 9-5, there's no regular paycheck. If you don't figure out how to make money, you don't get paid. 

And so begins the spiral of getting deep in debt or burning through your hard-earned savings until you can figure it out. That is, if you can. 

Not to be a Debbie Downer on a Monday! If that's you, you're not alone

So how do you start making money? I see two paths people follow. 

𝟭) The Hard Way - It's the path most follow. It's the entrepreneurial school of hard knocks. I started out this way. It's learning the hard way over decades of failing and learning. 

It's a way for sure. It's probably what most people do. It's often a DIY journey. It can be lonely for sure. 

The results: a 90% failure rate 

𝟮) A Systematic Discipline - There are elite business schools, accelerators, incubators and venture studios, one-stop shops where entrepreneurship is taught as a discipline. 

They follow a prescriptive framework taught by very experienced serial entrepreneurs. It's like a navy seals bootcamp for entrepreneurs. 

The results: a 70% success rate 

>> The BIG idea: entrepreneurship is learned. No one is born to be an entrepreneur

Commit to stop doing what isn't working. 

Commit to finding a systematic approach to learn how. 

Pro tip: Ask God to help you. My experience is when I go to God for help, He's faithful at directing me to the resources to get the help I need. 

Read His promise to you in Matthew 7:7. (google it) 

Someone once said, you have not because you ask not 


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