Marketplace Ministry Impact

Sep 18, 2022

When you bring the Kingdom of God into the marketplace — it will bless, multiply and prosper everything and everyone who receives it.

Two notable marketplace examples:

When Jesus first began recruiting disciples.

#1 - Jesus brought the Kingdom of God into a fishing enterprise. The business wasn't doing well. It wasn't profiting. Jesus gave them some marketplace advice — by faith they obeyed and experienced a 100x blessing. Following the miracle, they became Jesus followers AKA "marketplace ministers". Luke 5:1-5

One of His last physical interactions on earth with His disciples.

#2 - Following the resurrection of Jesus, He appeared to the same fishing enterprise and disciples who had gone out to fish but caught nothing. Jesus repeated the same miracle. John 21:6

As a follower of Jesus, the marketplace is my pulpit. Jesus has given me this same power and authority to bless, multiply and prosper everything and everyone willing to receive. John 14:12

When I bring the Kingdom of God into a venture, God grows it and multiplies it — spiritually and materially.

Soon that Founder repeats the same miracles with their team, clients and community.

The miracles are always spiritual and material.

At CanaGlobal, we are are equipping Kingdom entrepreneurs throughout the world.

This is marketplace ministry. This is the great commission.


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