Manage your focus.

May 24, 2023

I’m an optimist, but I’m not a wishful thinker.

I have a framework for looking critically at multiple projects at once.

Our venture, CanaGlobal has four main parts of our growth ecosystem, each focused on solving problems for faith-driven investors and founders.

- Venture Studio
- Entrepreneur School
- VC
- Church for Entrepreneurs

Each part has its own high-level strategy and execution plan.

We also have five other big inside projects we are funding and launching.

How do we manage multiple ideas/projects at once?

If you are building a meaningful venture, you have this same (or insane) issue.


I manage my focus.

I break it down this way.

#1 - Vision
#2 - Priority
#3 - Planning & Preparation
#4 - Execution

We take each project vision and prioritize them in a timeline.

We only start the planning and preparation when it’s time.

And then we launch and execute.

Our focus is like a flashlight, it’s where 80% of our energies and resources are centered.

This is how Nehemiah rebuilt the wall in 52 days.

But here’s our unfair advantage.

Every project is an assignment from God.

- He establishes our plans.
- He establishes our steps.

>> The Holy Spirit is our GPS.

As my business partner likes to say, we are heavily invested into SI (spiritual intelligence) not AI (artificial intelligence).

His plans N-E-V-E-R fail.


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