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Life gets clearer when you find purpose.

Jun 17, 2024

Founders — Life gets clearer when you find purpose 🗾 

So I wrote "the book" on doing it

It's how I've connected the dots between VC + Startups + Purpose + and Faith.

→ I don't know how or when these dots got disconnected
→ but I'll let you in on a secret
→ they were meant to go together

I read someplace that 70% of the global workplace were searching for purpose.

That's crazy! Time to discover your destiny.

→ my faith + purpose is how I've made it through all the tough times
→ it's how I made it to the good times
→ if you don't have faith
→ you'll have doubt
→ as a founder, you need more faith, less doubt

Here's why

→ doubt leads to fear
→ fear leads to worry
→ worry leads to discouragement
→ discouragement leads to depression 
→ depression leads to quitting (failure)

In that order.

When you know your purpose — YOU BECOME LIKE HONEY BADGER.

Honey Badger don't care!

→ you are on this planet for a reason
→ it's not by mistake
→ if God put you here for a reason
→ learn what it is

Once you know your purpose — EVERYTHING starts to make sense. 

It's like the pieces of the puzzle start coming together

His Plan — will become Your Plan.

Need help, reach out.

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