Let's Talk About Your God-Planted Dreams

Jun 09, 2022

Have you ever felt like you were meant to do something greater than what you are presently doing? The time is NOW.

Whether you believe in God, or actually follow Him ...

- He created you with a God-Planted dream inside you
- It's your time to steward your assignment (calling) from Him

But to be effective for the Kingdom of God, you have to be willing to be transformed by God Himself.

Come into His presence every morning. If you're a Christ-Follower He already lives inside you.

Be present — in His presence, daily.

Meet with Him. Have a conversation with Him. You will learn to be led by Him.

You will come to understand the times we are in, and your specific calling for these very times.

Whatever part of your life needs to be transformed, bring it to Him.

- your dreams
- your desires
- your calling
- your troubles
- your struggles
- your sin

All of it!

If you want your life to change, just be willing to learn from God. He is willing to grow each area of your life exactly as He has planned it for you.

Keep this in mind.

- there is a real God
- there is a real enemy (satan)

Satan's mission is to destroy you. It's to stop you from living out this God-planted calling inside you.

God put this calling in your heart. Some of you sense there is something more, yet you can't understand what it is.

You are pregnant with a dream. You are about the have the baby!

God will clarify it as you allow Him to transform you.

This calling is a God-planted dream or purpose.

But before that happens, the enemy will try to steal it away from you.

Do you see the anger and lawlessness in the world? The division and people offended by anything and everything. The wars and global famine that's coming.

Like the Joe Biden gasoline pump stickers "I did that" ...

Satan did that!

He has come to kill, steal and destroy —YOU.

But God has a masterplan. You are in it. Meet with Him. He is speaking 24/7/365 through His Word. Read it.

The Holy Spirit will give you the wisdom, understanding and knowledge to accomplish your assignment.

God is calling. Answer the call.


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