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Jun 15, 2023

I was camped out on the beach after fishing, exhausted, next to me was a pile of 153 fish freshly caught.

I was preparing to feed my family dinner when a hungry man approached me asking for fish.

I begin cooking him a meal.

Word spread and soon there was a line of people waiting for a meal.

Before long, a long line had formed. There was pushing and shoving in the line, some people were actually cutting in line. Some people were mad because the line was so long.

Many left in anger.

So we frantically started cooking faster and faster. But people were passing out in line from hunger, many were starving. Some died.

I was devastated.

When we counted how many people were in the line, there were 13,147. In distress I asked God, “what shall we do?”

And then a wise gentleman approached me from out of nowhere.

He asked me where I got my fish. I replied that I had caught them in the ocean. Then he said “why don’t you teach everyone how to fish all at once?”

And this is how we started CanaGlobal.

- Gerald

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