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Last week I took some advice from a stranger on LinkedIn

May 30, 2024

Last week I took some advice from a stranger on LinkedIn — My results shot up 2,540% in one day.

We all need advice. Some of the best is on LinkedIn.

I started investing time on LinkedIn a year ago to attract co-investors and the right startups for our venture studio.

(100% of our LPs and startup founders now come from LinkedIn.)

But I also wanted to share what I know to help as many founders prosper as possible. 

About 7 days ago I took some advice from a complete stranger, an ex-NFL player turned startup founder Kevin Jurovich.

This was his LI message: "What’s up Gerald…lmk if you would like to connect this week on zoom and get to know one another. I’d love to."

We all get these. I said yes.

He asked me what my LI goals were, I told him, he dished out some advice. 

I followed it the next day.

My first day following his advice new followers went up 2,540%. 🚀 

Over 7 days ...

- Post impressions went up 475.2%
- Unique views up 601.9%
- Engagement up 158.6%

Kevin's now my friend. We've met a few of times in the last few days. He's helping me win. He's a founder, I'm a VC.

I'm forever grateful.

Whether you are a founder or VC, all of us are working on our startup playbook. 

We're taking our flawed ideas and making them viable.

Considering 70% of venture funded startups fail, we all have work to do.

Whether you're just starting out or a serial entrepreneur/investor: 

- Listen. 
- Learn. 
- Leverage.

100% of my best business relationships are now from LI.


Need help? Reach out.  

- Gerald 

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