Keep Diggin' Ditches

Mar 14, 2023

Hey there, my fellow Faith Driven Founders! If you're looking to get in it to win it with God, then you gotta roll up your sleeves and start diggin' some ditches.

Let me tell you, when you're on a journey towards your God-given dream, things can dry up real quick, and you might feel like giving up.

But that's when God will step in and give you some instructions to keep movin' forward.

It's kinda like what happened to God's children in 2 Kings 3:16.

They were on their way to war, and they ran outta water smack dab in the middle of the desert. Talk about a dry spell! But they didn't give up.

They turned to God's prophet Elisha for guidance, and he told 'em to start diggin' ditches.

Now, I know that might sound crazy. I mean, why would you dig ditches when you're out of water, right?

But these guys were obedient, and they put in the hard work. And guess what? God rewarded 'em big time for their efforts by filling those ditches with water.

You see, when things seem dry and hopeless, that's when you gotta keep preparing and keep pivoting until God releases a flood of His favor. Don't ever stop diggin' those ditches, my friends, because you're building the capacity for God's unmerited favor to pour down on you.

So if you're a Faith Driven Founder, I encourage you to keep pushin' forward, no matter how hard it gets.

Trust in God, and keep diggin' those ditches, because you never know when His blessings are gonna overflow and fill up your valley. Let's go get it, y'all!


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