Jesus paid the price for you to succeed!

Dec 27, 2022

To Faith Driven Founders: Jesus already paid the price for you to succeed.

But here's the part you have to finish.

Our Creator, God, always co-creates with mankind.

He makes the trees — we build the chairs.
He makes the wheat — we make the cakes.

But you have to do YOUR PART if you want to be successful in the calling He has put in your heart.

As an entrepreneur you see a problem in the marketplace. And God has placed a solution in your heart.

Something that can make the world better.

For instance, God created electricity. And then later, man discovered what God had already made available.

- In 1600, William Gilbert discovered force between the objects.
- In 1831, Michael Faraday created the electric dynamo.
- In 1871, Thomas Edison created the first incandescent electric light.

But if you are going to partner with God (I highly recommend), you will be required to GET PREPARED in the following areas.

FAITH - You'll have to develop the faith to move mountains. Trust me, mountains of adversity will sabotage your path. Don't let them take you out.

CALLING - You'll have to discover God's specific calling on your life AND on your venture. Seek out why it matters to God?

PLAYBOOK - You'll have to perfect your revenue performance playbook, that is, building out an effective and efficient customer acquisition system. This will become the driving force propelling your revenue for scale.

READINESS - And you will have to enter into a state of investor readiness. You'll have to understand what investors are looking for, especially Kingdom Investors, with God always being the investor behind all investors. Be ready.

That is how we achieve SUPERNATURAL results. God does His part, THE SUPER, and we do ours THE NATURAL ... being prepared to win.

Fellow founders, you were called to do this. Be prepared for the mountain climb in 2023!


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