JESUS CHRIST, will you hurry up!

Feb 24, 2024

JESUS CHRIST, will you hurry up! When we get tired of waiting we often think or say something like this.

Sometimes it’s directed at a person.
Sometimes it’s directed at Jesus.

When it’s directed at Jesus, we know He has the power to do what we ask, yet doesn’t do it when we think He should.

Have you been there?

Let’s face it. We all have to wait on the Lord.

I’m 62. I’ve been praying to God for a long time for every part of my life.

- my walk with Him
- my calling
- my family
- me
- my finances
- my health
- my businesses
- basically for everything

In my life true to His Word He always answers my prayers. When I pray according to His biblical promises, His answer is always yes.

But rarely in my time frame.

The other thing that I’ve come to understand is that He is the one waiting on me. He’s pruning me so I can grow and do the greater things He has planned.

When I’m impatient with God’s timing, I’ve found myself trying to make things happen. No bueno.

The place where I’ve found perfect peace is trusting His timing, His plan, and cooperating with the Holy Spirit in the work He is doing inside me.

I’ve had to accept that He is preparing me, and I must trust Him to do so His way.

Ironically, God is usually waiting on me, not the other way around.

If I really trust God, I have to trust His timing no matter how uncomfortable I get.

The wait is only my growing pains. I'm pregnant with a promise and giving birth is painful.

But the wait is always worth it.  


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