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It's time to have the baby.

May 20, 2024

When you talk to them they'll tell you they have a God-planted dream inside them. And many have been pregnant with this dream for far too long! 

It's time to have the baby. 

I've never seen so many faith-driven getting equipped to master entrepreneurship 

Kingdom entrepreneurs, faith-driven founders, whatever you want to call them, what they have in common is they're followers of Jesus Christ

It's like a revival happening in the startup space.  

Some are bootstappers 
Some are startup founders seeking VC 

It's like modern-day Israel leaving their Woke Egypt (corporate America) for their promised land. 

It's definitely a populist movement of hard-working patriots from both sides of the political fence who want the freedom to create prosperity — The American Dream. 

They believe in God. They believe in the Bible 

They believe in truth. They believe in free-speech

Together they make up the Church, the body of Christ, with Jesus at the head. 

It's happening.  

We see thousands and thousands join the movement every month at CanaGlobal.  

What's the movement? Simple.  

Setting people free to prosper God's way. To do that, we've had to reimagine everything.  

- How to develop faith. 
- How to make disciples. 
- How to master entrepreneurship. 
- How to become investor ready. 
- How to make money. 
- How to become generous. 

The startup elites, the VC/PE, no longer get to choose the winners and the losers. 

 God does. 

There is a great awakening happening right now, are you ready? How will you answer God's call?  

Does this resonate with you? What's God doing in your life? 

From a friend of God, 

- Gerald 

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