It's hard to know the TRUTH — if you can't ask the right questions.

Mar 08, 2022

Proverbs 25:2 NIV - It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.

It's hard to know the TRUTH — if you can't ask the right questions.


Remember, curiosity killed the cat. But ...

 I'm a curious individual. And my curiosity is aroused when something doesn't smell right.

When someone is trying to sell me something — I tend to get skeptical fast.

I want TRUTH not BS.

How do things go from bad to worse? By hiding the truth.

I learned this through years of business turnaround consulting. You can't develop a solution until you uncover the hidden problem.

You have to get past the feelings, to think and search past the symptoms.

>> When Trump was elected all we heard was Russia, Russia, Russia.

There were plots that have now been exposed.

>> When Covid hit, at first I was very compliant. Two weeks to stop the spread ... it seemed reasonable.

But then we were told we couldn't question science. We had to follow science, AKA Fauci. To not do so would kill grandma and even our fellow Christians. Comply!

Now I'm not a scientist, but it didn't take long to see this was political science.

The MSM drumbeat was nonstop with their set of facts on testing and deaths. Dead bodies pilling up in makeshift morgues. Constant non-stop fear porn.

How dare we ask questions.

But now fast forward, do it quickly or you'll miss what science just did, it changed to align with the polls. Covid is over.

And finally, the truth is sneaking out.

- not all of the positive tests were actually positive

- not all of the reported deaths were actually caused by covid

- the masks?

- the vaccine didn't work as advertised

- a huge number of deaths were from the vaccinated

- and grouchy Fauci has gone missing

I wonder who profited or gained power from the crisis? Remember the "don't let a crisis go to waste" quote.

Conspiracy theory? Even the crazy leftists are asking the same questions.

>> And right before our lying eyes, the MSM has changed the channel to Ukraine. Ukraine. Ukraine.

The world is glued to the news. What's happening is horrible. Just like people dying of covid was terrible.

It's a bit early to ask too many questions. Not PC.

But when the same people who lied to us about covid, are now banging the drums in coordination, my curiosity is awakened.

- I wonder, why now?

- What did the EU do?

- What did NATO do?

- What did we do?

- Who rattled the hornets nests?

The questions are now being asked, but not from the MSM. But serious questions from people in high places.

They must be silenced. No questions. No soup for you!

As a member of the body of Christ, again I ask ... what in the world is going on?

Lord, show me your plan so I know how to respond. The enemy always has a plot, Lord what's the plan?

What's the way forward?

- We pray for the people.

- We pray for the political leaders.

- Let those who have aligned with evil be exposed and removed.

- Let your will be done Lord.

Be alert to the truth. We my have to search deep and wide.

Why? Truth Matters.

- Gerald