It's hard for us to imagine Jesus as an entrepreneur.

Jul 05, 2022

It's hard for us to imagine Jesus as an entrepreneur, but in His time it was hard for many to see Him as something more than one.

People who grew up with Jesus saw Him as a tekton (greek for artificer, craftsman). Both Jesus and His father were highly skilled craftsmen — artisans.

They were businessmen, entrepreneurs. Many who knew them had purchased beautiful products from them.

And many people who knew Jesus had a hard time seeing Him as something more.

But we know that during on His time on earth, He became known as a ruler (King of Kings), teacher and entrepreneur.

Why am I serving up this viewpoint? Not in any way to diminish who Jesus is, He is our savior, the Son of God, part of the Godhead.

(cool your jets)

But many times it's hard for Christian entrepreneurs to understand they are Anointed for Business.

This IS their calling. And like Jesus, the marketplace is their pulpit.

The marketplace is the heartbeat of every city and nation.

Jesus has called us to disciple people and nations. This is the great commission to us all. A disciple — disciples.

The dots between business, purpose, success and faith are connected.

So just as many people in the marketplace had trouble seeing Jesus as more than an artisan ....

Some of you have a hard seeing yourself as more than business professionals.

But the truth is, we are all called to be ministers of the Lord. In the first century church, there was no distinction between clergy (the modern-day pastor) and laity (the modern-day church attendee).

Every Christ-follower became a minister (apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher).

Perhaps that's why the first century Christians were so effective.

Allow God to use you to do marketplace miracles, and transform the places you are sent — with the Kingdom of God.


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