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Investor Readiness Has Changed.

Apr 18, 2023

The state of investor readiness has radically changed over the past 24 months.

The Babylonian VC/PE ecosystem (ESG) is collapsing. (go woke. go broke)

And a new breed of spirit-filled Investors/LPs have emerged.

Locked and loaded with Kingdom capital for Kingdom projects.

For both for-profit and nonprofit ventures.

What’s the mission?

Building a parallel Kingdom economy in the 7 mountains of secular culture.

Bringing light into darkness.

For God. Powered by God. Protected by God.


To disciple people. To disciple nations.

AKA the Great Commission (Matt 28 & Mark 16)

We are only one player in this emerging Kingdom ecosystem, but our movement is attracting, influencing and educating over 12,000 new faith-driven founders and investors, every month.

God is doing this. Not us.

And for faith-driven founders seeking VC/PE, it’s radically changed what the investor readiness playbook looks like.

We look for founders who desire to:

#1 Develop the faith that moves mountains. (remove unbelief)

#2 Understand God’s calling

#3 Master RevOps

#4 Enter into a state of investor readiness. (God is the investor behind every investor/founder)

We call this Full-Stack.

For us, we serve every founder and investor, wherever they happen to be on their journey.

Only some ventures require VC/PE to scale. Most don’t.

God equips. God funds. God multiplies.

This year we are investing in building startup studios in colleges and churches across America, then the globe.

Welcome to the startup revolution. Welcome to the Jesus revolution.


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