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I'm Sorry To Inform You — Size Matters.

Mar 02, 2022

You’ve been lied to about this.

Despite what you’ve been told, I’m sorry to inform you — Size Matters. The size of your dinky little …

PAYCHECK matters!

Whether you're an entrepreneur or an employee, what you actually get paid matters.

The size of your paycheck determines ...

- where you live
- how you live
- where your kids go to school
- what you get to do with your life
- where you shop
- what you get to buy when you are shopping
- what your family eats for dinner
- how much you get to save and invest
- if you get to retire
- when you get to retire

The size of your paycheck determines way too much in your life.

These are personal decisions about how you live.

Who should decide this? You have a choice.

A choice of WHO actually gets to make this very personal decision.

You can settle for whatever it is. Or ...

You can decide what it is.

Yup. The size of your paycheck is your choice.

Decide. Will you TAKE what you are getting, or will you DECIDE what you get.

It's a choice.

The top 5% of earners know this. They made a decision to make what they want, as a high-earning professional -or- a high-earning entrepreneur.

If you say YES to deciding for yourself, owning the size of your paycheck, then your next decisions will be this.

1. How much?
2. And How?

Tomorrow, I'll lay this out ... step by step.

Stay tuned, Gerald

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