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If you want to attend God’s finishing school, you’ll have to get in the fire.

Nov 29, 2023

You don’t get FAITH unless you’ve been through some doubt. 

You’re not OBEDIENT unless you’ve allowed God to crucify some sin in your life. 

You don’t learn to FORGIVE unless someone has done you dirty. 

You don’t find HUMILITY until you’ve been broken and put your pride to bed. 

You develop GRATEFULNESS by learning to go without. 

You develop CONFIDENCE by trusting God through your failure. 

God has developed PATIENCE in you by allowing you to suffer through some desert seasons. 

You’ve gained PERSEVERANCE by not giving in to the part of you that wants to give up when no hope is in sight. 

And you now have DILIGENCE and WISDOM by making it through all the above. 

God develops all these character traits by testing and perfecting your faith. 

If you want to attend God’s finishing school, you’ll have to get in the fire


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