If you're hoping, but not expecting, you're in big trouble.

Apr 01, 2024

If you're hoping, but not expecting, you're in big trouble — here's why. 

There's a big difference between hoping for something good to happen in your business — and expecting it to happen. 

As a faith-driven entrepreneur, there's a big difference between hoping for God's favor — and expecting it.  

There is a big gap between hope and expectation

When you are hoping and hoping and hoping for God's favor, but you don't see the results, you will start to doubt. 

- And your doubt will lead to fear 

- And your fear will lead to worry 

- And your worry will lead to discouragement 

- And your discouragement will lead to depression 

- And your depression will lead to ... more failure 

And soon you will lose hope. 

Over the weekend I've been watching Moses, Full Swing and The Beautiful Game. 

In all three, when the main characters run into seasons of obstacles, they begin to doubt their future and end up depressed. 

What I've learned over my 40 years on the entrepreneurial mountain is that my hope has to move over into the expectation-zone

As a follower of Jesus Christ, I'm highly dependent on God's favor in my life. But I can't just hope for it — I have to expect it

But how? 

Through faith. Through faith in God and His biblical promises, my hope grows into full-blown expectation.  

- My faith leads to expectation 

- My expectation leads to God's peace (no dread) 

- God's peace leads to my desire to keep fighting and building 

- My desire leads to perseverance 

- My perseverance leads to success and prosperity in my endeavors 

This is my formula: Hope -> Faith -> Expectation 

You have to move into expectation. You have to expect to win. You have to expect God's favor, His sudden shift in your life. 

You have to believe in Him, the Bible and yourself. All three. 

How do you get the faith? Same place I get it. Spending time everyday talking to God, studying His Word, especially His biblical promises. His Word is His will. So my faith is built up when I know His will. 

Don't settle for hoping 
Aim for expectation 

That's the winners mindset


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