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If you don't get funded, what then?

May 10, 2023

I often ask founders who are seeking VC for their plan should they not get funded.

I get a blank stare.

They've been brainwashed into believing that without funding they cannot succeed.

Total BS.

Their Plan A - Get Funded
Their Plan B - Grow Revenues and Profitability

(this is reversed)

Plan A is the RevOps strategy to grow revenue and produce profits, first.

Founders, quit chasing the VC shortcut.

Prove you have a RevOps strategy first.

Yup, bootstrap first and then VC can become a great option to scale. You’ll keep more equity and get a better deal when funded.

Some notable ventures that did just that.

- Mailchimp
- Basecamp
- Git-Hub
- Calendy
- Shutterstock
- TechSmith
- Atlassian
- Qualtronics
- Envato
- Mojang
- Dell

It’s the focus of our venture studio.

We equip founders to grow their ventures, first.

Then we offer funding to scale, second.

It’s how we win 10 in 10.


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