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I've prayed two different ways in my life.

Apr 16, 2024

I've prayed two different ways in my life. I've prayed hoping God would answer my prayers and I've prayed expecting God to answer my prayers. Someplace between my dreams and my destiny, something changed.

Growing up I always knew God COULD do anything for me, but I wasn't sure He WOULD. To me it seemed like He did wonderful things for some, but not for others.

>> To be completely honest with you, just hoping God will do something for you sucks. 

I know God can do anything for me, that He has the power to make anything happen, yet never knowing what God will do made praying and trusting Him stressful (just being honest).

It would be like a child going to their parents every night and pleading to eat dinner, and then sometimes they fed me and other times they let me go hungry. 

What kind of loving parent would do that? These thoughts were swirling in the back of my head.

Those days of hoping are OVER for me. 

These days I pray with 100% confidence and expectation of what God will do for me. What changed? I've entered into a covenant with God. A partnership.

It's all in writing, what He will do and what He won't do. It's the Bible. Divided into two parts, old covenant and new covenant.

He wrote it through man. It's the inspired infallible Word of God.

So what changed for me? I started reading it every day. I started having two-way conversations with God about what's in it, and asking Him for more wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

Somewhere along this path I started to see the Bible as a book of covenant promises instead of a book of rules.

I've learned how to use my faith to appropriate these promises into my life. What a game-changer this has become for me. 

Though I have to totally trust God for how He will make good on His promises AND when, my faith have produced 100% percent expectation that if He said it, He will do it.

- No more guessing and hoping for me. 

- No more sometimes He will and sometimes He won't.

I have fallen in love with God (Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit) and totally trust His Word

So in case you're wondering about the results, He's made good on His promises.

Somewhere between my dreams and my destiny, I've gone from a believer — to a follower of Jesus Christ.

Every day I'm learning more about how to partner and co-create with Him.


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