I Launch and Grow Companies For Two Reasons

Nov 11, 2020

Whatever Floats Your Boat.

Whether you are a future, new, or experienced entrepreneur, there are lots of reasons why entrepreneurs launch and grow businesses. Some good, some bad.

You might have the goal of creating something with enough "perceived" value to generate the-great-exit, IPO, or acquisition. 

You might become mega-rich.  After all, the startup community is ripe with startup founders chasing angel investors and venture capital to fuel their fantastic ideas.

But the reality is less than 1 percent will get funded, and of the 1 percent, less than 10 percent exit. Few will reach the coveted unicorn status.

What happens to everyone else? No one really knows. People tend to move on to the next thing.

All good if this floats your boat. Nothing but love for VC from my corner.

But for me, there are two reasons why I launch and grow companies. Purpose and lifestyle.


I love building a purpose-driven business. For me, it begins with a God-planted idea. To do something that matters. To help others. 

The goal is not to launch and grow to exit. 

It's to launch, grow, scale, and enjoy. Build a team. Build a family of customers who celebrate what you do and what you stand for. I love building a brand.

The goal is not to chase investors to fuel growth. Especially unnaturally. Instead, it's to get really good at creating abundant revenue and profitability, organically. 

Over the past 36 years, I've launched and grown six companies. 

  1. a staffing company
  2. a computer training company
  3. a coding bootcamp franchise (I invented learn-to-code)
  4. a marketing company
  5. a turnaround consulting company
  6. and since 2016, CanaGlobal, an entrepreneur accelerator

I have nothing against the exit, it's how I've transitioned from one God assignment to the next.

I'm definitely pro-profit. In fact, I'm the prophet of profit. I love connecting the dots between business, purpose, success, and faith. I love the entrepreneurial mountain climb. 

I love what I do, these days I get paid to help stuck entrepreneurs get unstuck. Most of what I do are business and faith makeovers. I'm living my calling.


First, there is nothing more exciting than partnering with God to build a purpose-driven business. But why take all the risks, experience the temporary failures, setbacks, and delays of the entrepreneurial mountain climb?

I like being the co-captain of my destiny. God's the boss.

I like deciding what I want out of life, creating the perfect work/life balance to get there, designing, and living my BestLife.

This is my lifestyle, by design. And I only build businesses that fuel my lifestyle. My lifestyle always connects the dots between business, purpose, success, and faith.

I decide what I want out of life, counting the cost in terms of time, energy, focus, and of course the moo·lah to get there.

So there. That's what I've been doing for 36 years. For Purpose and Lifestyle.

Why Is This Important To You?

Because becoming an entrepreneur is the new American Dream.

And so if you are thinking about launching a business, or already have one that you are growing, take a pause and ask yourself, why are you doing it.

If you are stuck and open to God's help, and never forget He's the greatest creator and innovator in the universe (that He created), He's got a plan that will rock your world.

Proverbs 16:9 AMP - A man’s mind plans his way [as he journeys through life], But the Lord directs his steps and establishes them.

FYI ... God's way always leads to the Good kind of Success.





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