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How long should it take you to reach your first 1M, 10M or 100M?

Oct 11, 2023

Faith-Driven Founders: How long should it take you to reach your first 1M, 10M or 100M?

And more importantly, what has to happen to reach each revenue level profitability?

If you can’t see clearly what has to happen to get to each stage, the odds are you'll never reach them.

For instance, if you are B2B

Goal: 1M
Ideal customer generates: 100k in revenue
Your sales win rate: 40%

You need to find a way (a RevOps Strategy) to generate 2 sales appointments a month.

That’s it!

For 10M, same math, but the path changes to 21 sales meetings a month.

Here’s the thing, don’t be like the children of Israel who took 40 years to get to their promised land when it should have only taken 11 days.

As a faith-driven investor/founder what I’ve learned over my 40 year entrepreneurial journey is that God always multiplies what little you have. This includes resources and ability.

He’ll give you an assignment that seems impossible to achieve with what you have. Like when Jesus told his disciples to feed the 5000, when clearly, that seemed impossible. 

Here’s the secret: match your action with your faith. God always does the miracles, we don’t have to do them. Our part is Faith + Action before the miracle.

And if you desire God’s miracles, you’ll have to be okay being in a position to need one. And if you’re an entrepreneur, trust me, you’ll have plenty of opportunities.

Remember, if you can’t see it (vision), you’ll never have it.

See it. Say it. Do it.


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